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If you wish to apply for a media pass for an Irish Drift Championship (IDC) event, you must do so here by filling out the relevant media entry form for the event you wish to apply for accreditation.

The entry deadline for each event will be highlighted above the relevant entry form and you must complete the entry form prior to the entry deadline passing, even if the form is still available after the deadline has passed. Please also ensure you see the confirmation page to ensure your application has been received.

Please note:

  • You must be over 18 years of age to apply for a media pass at any IDC.

  • Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is required by all media personnel for all IDC events.

  • Hi-visibility vests or jackets must be worn at all times by on-track media.

  • Attendance at the official media briefing is required by all media personnel that have been granted a media pass for any IDC event.

  • Marshalls rules and signals must be followed at all times. Safety for you and others is paramount.

  • All Media are required to share content to the IDC Dropbox Folder. Failure to do this will result in future applications being denied.

2024 Application form now open. (for our reserved list)

Applications for IDC Media are currently only being taken for reserve spaces, as our current 2024 Media list is full.
We are still accepting applications for review with some exceptions being made.

Thanks & Good luck with your application !


Do you agree to your information being used by IDC?
Do you agree to your images/video content being used by IDC for promotional material?
You understand that publishing any form of media content without the authorised IDC Logo will affect future applications and result in removal from the media group?
Have you Public Liability Insurance (PLI) valued at a minimum of 5 million. This is a requirement for IDC.
Do you agree to using the IDC Logo on all content taken at all IDC Events?
You understand that if you are granted media access that all marshals and track control instructions must be adhered to? Failure to take instructions from the marshals and track control will affect your media applications in the future, and may result in removal from the track/event?




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