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As the Sporting Director of IDC, it brings me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome back to Graham McNamara, who rejoins our team after a long 12-year absence. Graham’s return marks a significant moment for our organization, highlighting not only his personal journey but also the dedication and passion he has for the sport of drifting.

For those who may not be familiar with Graham’s history with Irish Drifting, allow me to provide some context.

Graham was the founder of competitive drifting in Ireland. He spearheaded the first Irish championship under the name D1 Drift Series Ireland in 2004,

which later evolved into the Prodrift Series in 2006.

Over the next 7 years, his leadership and innovation transformed the championship into a world-renowned name, including the establishment of a 5 round European Series. In the 2000s, drifting was seen as the next big thing, the Prodrift years were a time of adventure and excitement and let’s just say, it was very loose! Drifting was yet to evolve into a fully-fledged motorsport. I personally was asked by Graham to join the D1 Drift Series back in 2004. Graham knew of my karting background and that my understanding of racing lines would be of huge benefit to building a judging system based on precision driving.

In 2012, Graham announced his withdrawal from organizing drift events, leaving a lasting impact on

the Irish drift community. Before leaving we created the Irish Drift Championship, and I ran it for the 2013 season.

In 2013, Graham traveled to LA where he was the race director for Ken Blocks Gymkhana Grid at the X Games in Irwindale Speedway.

Shortly after, he departed Ireland for a new adventure in Dubai, where he built the biggest drift school in the world, the Prodrift Academy UAE.

Achieving two Guinness World Records along the way. One for the longest twin drift with James Deane. & Ahmad Daham and the other for the fastest drift of 304.96kph with Nissan Global/Nismo and driven by Masato Kawabata.

His entrepreneurial endeavors extended beyond motorsport into the tourism industry, catering to holiday experiences, including sand drifting. He also delved into the entertainment industry, working on stunt shows, movies, and music videos until the arrival of the pandemic.

Upon his return to Ireland, Graham has embraced yet another passion, venturing into the music industry with the creation of his own record label, TWOJAYZEE. Yes, I know, the irony, only us petrolheads get it. And now his sports management agency, MONOSPORT, will occupy a pivotal role within IDC, bringing a fresh perspective and renewed energy to our endeavors. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, both on and off the track, as we strive to take the IDC to the next level.